Sadly I realized that not all of you know about project AstralSpire, and why do we post some of our articles, or thread starters here on Livejournal, and I have to correct this mistake.

We are the first Otherkin related website in Czech Republic with great ambitions. Unfortunately there are just two of us working on AstralSpire so its completion is progressing quite slowly. But we have already written several key articles about Otherkin, energy, and thanks to permission from our colleagues who are writing articles about Otherkin we have been able to obtain interesting articles which we are translating from English to Czech, thus making them available to our readers who can’t read English very well. (Unfortunately translations will take more time than expected thanks to lack of free time)

In time we hope to gain active members who will discuss interesting topics on our forum, and than derive from these discussions new articles that will mirror the view of community, not just individuals. Plus we hope to establish VoIP, and Video discussions to create more social, potent, and friendly environment. 

We aren’t just confined to our website, but we have created groups on Facebook called “Otherkin, Czech and Slovak,” and on Google Groups called “astralspire,” which are designed mainly for Czech and Slovak members/readers. Blog here on Livejournal is maintained for our English speaking readers, and we try to translate some of our work into English, and post it here until we create English mutation of our site, but that is distant future.

Attributes found in energy

As you all know there are these among us who draw energy naturally from surroundings, and other people. They do it because they need certain energy to sustain them in good mood, health, or to keep themselves above their lowest energy threshold. On top of that there are people who draw energy just for specific ritual, or magical act even when they don’t naturally need it. There are an infinite number of energies, or energy variations from elemental, to ones produced by living entities.

Thanks to certain experiences with “human” energy I believe that energy can carry most attributes of its owner. For example core personality, talents, or maybe even memories can be found in sample of someone’s energy. These attributes can be transferred into yourself if you are able to detect them through intuition, or experience gained from previous transfers. To be honest I never perfected it to level where I can gain ability or characteristic I choose, but I nearly always gain something, and thanks to the fact that it isn’t originally mine I can suppress it if I don’t like it, and sadly even if I like this transferred ability it slowly fades out throughout time.

This can be helpful for many reasons, for example if you want to try out different approach to life, get access to certain abilities you want to use, or to understand better original owner. But as I wrote before it isn’t always without risk, you can gain something you don’t like and it may take you a while until you get rid of it. I will not write my methods for these attribute transfers because with this information you should be able to come up with your own, more personal methods of transferring certain attributes found in energy.

Unification ritual

As some of you probably know we at try to diminish the need for rituals to sheer minimum, and eventually don't use them at all. But there is one ritual I created a while ago, and the idea behind it shows some potential, and that is why I would like to share it. The main idea is to fuse invocation and evocation together for purpose of calling "yourself" into yourself when taking in consideration mind, soul, and physical body.

1 - Creation (use chalk, or flour)
Imagine what is it for, when drawing on the ground.
  • Circle - isolation
  • Triangle - emanation
  • Alchemical symbol for sulfur - represents your mind; top
  • Alchemical symbol for mercury - represents your soul/astral body; right
  • Alchemical symbol for salt - represents your physical body; left

2 - Banishing (Through imagination; direct energy work; LBRP..)

3 - Now you move in the middle of triangle

4 - Strongly fill whole triangle with your energy, and realize it's borders and function

5 - Mind; point at the top and hold a thought about your mind for 30 to 60 seconds, gather energy around that thought and release it.

6 - Soul; point with your right hand, keep it there and hold a thought about your soul for 30 to 60 seconds, gather energy around that thought 
and release it.

7 - Body; point with your left hand, keep it there, and hold a thought about your body for 30 to 60 seconds, gather energy around that thought and release it.

8 - When you finish put your palms together, leave them there for as long as you like, and when you feel appropriate put them down

9 - Induce state of unification and calm

10 - Raise your hands on the level of your shoulders, and absorb energy accumulated in the triangle, be aware of your unified self

11 - Put your palms together, turn them a bit and fold them to mark end of your ritual


Veil is supposed to be some kind of theoretical magical barrier that dampens use of magic here in our world. When I first read and heard about Veil I was more than skeptical, it sounded to me like somebody was reading too much Fantasy literature, but after I opened my mind and discussed it with my colleague Veil became something possible even by my point of view.

My colleague's, and mine theory is following: Veil is not artificially created by god-like entities, or something incredibly powerful, but it is created naturally through inhabitants of this planet. To enlighten this theory I will use simple analogy. Picture a chain in the air where everybody represents one little part of it, and most of these parts are hanging just a few inches above the ground, but now there is one other which is able to reach even few feet, but thanks to these ordinary parts holding it down on their level, it arises just one or two more inches taking the parts close to it a little higher too. So the one possible way how to improve current state in magic according to this theory of Veil is for humanity to become more evolve, not to degenerate as it is happening now.

Otherkin here Otherkin there

A while ago I was reading an article about astral scans, and how do people tend to identify someone as an Otherkin based on their mostly inaccurate scans, because someone tells them that he/she is an Otherkin (and wants to know more), or they feel something else.(most likely energy from expectation, hope, etc.) There is already too much wannabes, posers, and lost Otherkin trying to make themselves unique among crowd of other ordinary people.

What makes someone Otherkin? Non-human soul? Unfortunately not these days, when you want to run away from your self, don't like who you are, or what you look like become Otherkin! (Just kidding, DON'T!) With these conditions and with some knowledge of magic there is not much "people," or people who can find out that you are just hiding from yourself, not rediscovering who you truly are if you aren't too fluffy of course.

If you know how to scan how do you tell apart human, and someone else? And to make it harder for you, how do you tell apart human, and Otherkin if the person you are scanning told you that he/she is Otherkin? What is human soul, and how do you differentiate it from all other pseudo-kin souls, and real Otherkin souls?